四韵日记生活保养手扎 RUIJIA Quarter Daily Care Collagen

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  • 日本百年胶原大厂 品质保证 (厂商获得日本医药品制造许可证 ISO9001:2008
  • 8次转化酵素水解的3000-5000DA小分子(服用后30分钟直接被身体吸收)
  • 美国营养期刊报导为最好吸收大小
  • 全天然O糖O脂肪O香料O添加
  • 不必担心会发胖,全天然成分不带给身体负担
  • 3000mg鱼类胶原蛋白+500mg复方成分







蓝色这一款内含有大豆成分,我们的基础款。它可以帮助生长发育,组织修复 紧致肌肤


粉色这一款内含有西印度樱桃成分,是含有非常高的维他命C帮助肌肤淡化黑斑、雀斑、痘疤、抗炎抗敏、 补充铁质、抗氧化、提亮肤色和缩小毛孔。

黄色这一款是我们的女王款,内含有蜂王乳胜肽【 Royal Jelly 】,可以帮助修复细胞、抗氧化、补充钙质、维他命D,想要全方位保养可以选择这这一款。


Ruijia blue series contains soy protein ingredients to help the growth, development, and repair of tissues

Ruijia green series contains *(赛洛美Ceramide)* ingredients to obtain a 16 time more intense moisturizing effect, effectively helping skin cells retain more moisture, so if you always go exercise also help Joint care .

Ruijia pink series contains West Indian cherry 🍒 ingredients, which contain a very high content of Vitamin C to help lighten dark spots, freckles, acne scars, whitening and reduce the appearance of pores and also Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy

Ruijia yellow series contains royal jelly peptides to help repair cells , all in one and also is our best seller , for mature women over 30 want all-round maintenances and anti-aging Or pregnant also can eat after give birth also good help to recover faster.

for our product is 100% all natural , no sugar, no fat, no fragrance,no additives

No hormones, no Western medical ingredients, no heavy metals

No artificial ingredients , no sweeteners, no colouring, no flavouring .