Ruijia 7D Collagen

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  • Japan 100-year old collagen factory quality assurance
  • Enzymes with molecular size of 5000 DA after 8 conversions
  • Best absorption size according to the American Journal of Nutrition
  • All natural 0 sugar 0 fat 0 additives

💙[Blue] High-quality pure collagen powder: Combining animal and plant protein at the best price, so that everyone can use it for daily maintenance. This product contains soy ingredients, which helps with growth and development, tissue cells repair, as well as skin firming.

💚[Green] Ceramide moisturising collagen powder: This contains Ceramide components, allowing you to achieve 16 times the moisturising and water locking effects. If you have dry skin or regularly exercise, you can take this because it effectively helps with water locking, intensive moisturising, and also helps with repairing joints.

💗[Pink] Patented rose polyphenol collagen powder: This contains East Indian acerola components, containing a high vitamin C content which helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, freckles, and acne scars. This is also anti-inflammatory, allergy-free, a good iron supplement and antioxidant, helping brighten skin tone and shrink pores.

💛[Yellow] Royal jelly peptides collagen powder: This is fit for a queen, containing Royal Jelly peptides, which helps repair cells, provide antioxidants, supply calcium and vitamin D for a comprehensive range of maintenance.

The best time to take collagen: *For those taking weight loss/detox products, please take collagen half an hour before consuming the weight loss/detox products.

How to eat

Take 1 – 2 sachets per day. Consume orally (best absorption effects when consumed on an empty stomach) or add to warm drinks, soups, and dishes. Take 1 pack per day for basic maintenance, 2 packs per day for intensive maintenance.