RUIJIA 蜂王胜肽新生胶原蛋白 - 黄色(30条) Royal Jelly Moisturizing Collagen Powder - Yellow (30 sachets) Earn 88 Reward Points

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  • 日本百年胶原大厂 品质保证 (厂商获得日本医药品制造许可证 ISO9001:2008)
  • 8次转化酵素水解的3000-5000DA小分子(服用后30分钟直接被身体吸收)
  • 美国营养期刊报导为最好吸收大小
  • 全天然O糖O脂肪O香料O添加
  • 不必担心会发胖,全天然成分不带给身体负担
  • 3000mg鱼类胶原蛋白+500mg复方成分




→添加500mg复方:蜂王乳胜肽、维生素 D和维生素E 。



All ingredients 

Fish peptides collagen 3000mg  +  soy protein 500mg 

•Japan famous collagen company ( Nippi ) 

•Hydrolyzed peptide Collagen 5000 dalton 

•American journal of nutrition reported the best absorption size 

•💯% natural , no sugar , no fat , no spices , no additives , no seasoning , no artificial and preservatives 

-Fish Collagen peptides : for our fish collagen is from Japan ( nippi ) , we use 70% of  tilapia fish 

 Scales to extract collagen . Collagen is a protein that provides structure to much of our body , 

 including bones , skin , tendons and ligaments . Fish collagen can help us moisturizing , anti-   wrinkle and prolonging ageing , smoothing fine lines and lightening melanin . 

-Red algae : contains magnesium and calcium promote cell regeneration and supplement calcium 

-Royal Jelly : enhance immunity, improve digestion, promote young skin, regulate blood sugar, improve blood circulation, benefit bones, help heal wounds faster, natural anti-inflammatory, promote metabolism, anti-aging, antioxidant, improve dryness  Eye disease,

-Beer yeast : enhance energy, improve physical strength and spirit 

-vitamin D : promote calcium absorption , and preventing osteoporosis 

-Vitamin E : anti aging , enhance fertility and anti free radical 

✔️brightens skin 

✔️tightens skin 

✔️reduces wrinkles & fine lines 

✔️balances sebum production 

✔️enhances elasticity & moisture 

✔️reduces hair loss 

✔️lightens dark pigmentations 

✔️improves skin radiance

✔️shrink pores 

✔️Smoothens skin 

✔️Tightening chest 

✔️Improve immune system 


✔️Anti aging 

✔️Promote calcium absorption 

✔️Improve sleeping quality 

✔️improve skin radiance 

✔️Promotes skin rejuvenation