Ruijia Collagen Powder 2 boxes Mix and Match

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For each person with different skincare needs, we have formulated four different types of collagens, aimed at providing the supplements you need in your skincare routine.

💙 Ruijia blue series contains soybean ingredients to help the growth, development, and repair of tissues

💚 Ruijia green series contains *(赛洛美Ceramide?)* ingredients to obtain a 16 time more intense moisturizing effect, effectively helping skin cells retain more moisture, so if you always go exercise also help Joint care 

💗 Ruijia pink series contains Barbados cherry 🍒 ingredients, which contain a very high content of Vitamin C to help lighten dark spots, freckles, acne scars, and reduce the appearance of pores and also Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy

💛 Ruijia yellow series contains royal jelly peptides to help repair cells , all in one and also is our best seller , for mature women over 30s want all-round maintenance. Or pregnant also can eat after give birth also good help to recover faster.