懷孕還是要愛美!孕婦媽咪各階段美容保養重點 You still have to love beauty during pregnancy! The key points of various stages of beauty care for pregnant women

懷孕還是要愛美!孕婦媽咪各階段美容保養重點 You still have to love beauty during pregnancy! The key points of various stages of beauty care for pregnant women



As a new mother, are you both happy, but a little worried? Worrying about baby nutrition and health comes first, worrying about body shape loss, it is difficult to restore the previous body shape after childbirth, and wanting to raise a fetus without raising meat...

Mommy's love for beauty is not a sin! Now I’m going to teach you how to get pregnant and you can take two supplements for one person and keep your beauty without losing!


Pregnancy period: eat more fruits and vegetables with folic acid nutrition




From the beginning of planning to become pregnant,it is necessary to quit smoking and drinking, 
and try not to use drugs. Eat more fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitaminsevery day, paying particular attention to the intake of folic acid.
According to the national dietary nutrient reference intake recommendations published by the Ministry of Health, women who are preparing for pregnancyneed to consume 600 micrograms of folic acid a day
from one month before conception to pregnancy,
which can reduce neural tube defects and the birth
of fetuses with cleft lip. Folic acid is widely found in many natural fruits and vegetables and is a rich source. If the intakeis insufficient in the daily diet, it is
recommended to supplement the nutrients such as vegetable and fruit fiber in an appropriate amount under the guidance of a doctor. Drink plenty of water to help detoxify, nourish the skin, and adjust the physique. To wait for the arrival of "pregnancy".


Early pregnancy (0~3 months):


Supplement collagen protein to help skin elasticity and muscle growth


For the baby’s health after birth, about 20% of the genetic genes depend on the genetic genes of the original fertilized egg cells, and the remaining 
80% may be affected and changed in the early growth stage. Therefore, in the early stages of pregnancy, if you can get enough and abundant Nutrition is to build a healthy foundation for the baby for a lifetime


According to the national dietary nutrient reference intake recommendations, from the first week of pregnancy, an additional 10 grams of protein must be added every day. Intake of high-quality proteinnutrition can also help the baby grow muscles. 
The baby in the abdomen is reproducing and growingcells at an alarming rate. , Further develop all organs, if lack of protein, it is likely to slow down the growth rate.


For mothers who love beauty, intake of nutrients such as collagen can be used as a good source of protein to maintain skin elasticity, muscle growth and physical strength. For mothers who are still exercising after pregnancy, they can also take milk. Albumin and soy protein are used as protein intake channels.



Second trimester (4-6 months):

Calcium supplement to correct uneven tooth color and hair loss


After three months, the fetus gradually grows 
steadily. In response to the rapid development andgrowth of the fetus at 27-28 weeks of pregnancy,
the mother needs more calcium. According to the
national dietary nutrient reference intake
recommendations, pregnant women are recommended
to consume 1,000 mg
of calcium per day. The calcium intake of Chinese is generally insufficient, and the adult intake isonly 50 to 70% of the recommended amount.
Therefore, mothers need to pay attention during
thisperiod. The amount of calcium intake.


Insufficient maternal calcium intake and no additional supplementation will lead to cramps, tremors,emotional instability, fatigue and other symptoms.Symptoms that are more likely to affect the appearance, including uneven tooth color, which is easy to turn yellow, and a lot of hair fall. Poor sleepquality causes problems such as yellowing of the complexion and the appearance of dark circles underthe eyes. Therefore, mothers must take in enough calcium to prevent the above from happening.


Late pregnancy (7-10 months):
Vitamin C supplementation to prevent pregnancy spots and stretch marks from appearing


At this stage, the baby’s body systems are gradually developed and healthy, the weight will also increase significantly, and the fetal position will decrease, causing the dermal layer of the abdomen of moms to stretch rapidly. If the subcutaneous tissue cannot withstand the expansion, it will break.At this time, dark or light stretch marks may be formed on the skin surface, or light brown to dark brown irregular pregnancy spots may appear on the cheeks. At this time, it is a good choice to add more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and animal collagen. Because vitamin C can inhibit the production of melanin, it is extremely helpful for the improvement of stretch marks and pregnancy spots.


As the fetus grows up, it may squeeze into the 
position of the stomach. Some moms may begin to
affect your appetite and cause the second stage
of morning sickness. As the belly grows larger,
walking, sleeping, eating and resting are all
It may be affected, vitamin C also helps iron
absorption, reduces the chance of anemia and
dizziness, and improves the appearance of fatigue.


Postpartum/breastfeeding period: postpartum conditioning and recovery


After the hard-working pregnant moms finally gave birth to their babies safely, they began to work 
hard towards the goal of resuming their predecessors. Most moms would experience stuffing of milk,
a lot of hair loss, and urine leakage during the
1 to 5 months postpartum period. Problems such as lochia excretion have come one after another.
Although they want to eat nutrients immediately
to make up for the lack of the mother’s needs,
they must also consider whether they will affect
the breast milk provided to the baby. At this
time, what moms need most is to regulate the
physiological and comprehensive nutrition. In
order to restore the original appearance as soon
as possible.


Collagen can help repair postpartum wounds and 
restore firmness and elasticity of loose skin,
while probiotics can be adjusted for physiologicalfunctions. For mothers, it is the nutrition that regulates sensitive body, gastrointestinal digestive tract and urinary tract. Supplements, especiallyintestinal allergic bacteria, can prevent constipationcaused by slow gastrointestinal motility. In addition, intake of probiotics containing cranberryingredients can reduce the chance of infection andinflammation caused by lochia secreted after childbirth.


It must be noted that the newborn baby does not 
need to supplement the nutrition of collagen and
probiotics. Remind moms not to let the baby eat
it bymistake because of kindness!


Ingesting nutrition during pregnancy is not easy
for most pregnant mothers. 80% of them may
experience discomforts such as sharp sense of
smell, decreased appetite, nausea, morning
sickness, flatulence, etc. Some people can
tolerate the condition, while others will be
severe. Can't swallow. Therefore, no matter at
which stage, moms must pay attention to their
health needs first, and their needs for
nutritional health products can be eaten accordingto their own conditions, and they must not be
forced to eat for the baby. , And don’t take too
much because of the love of beauty, so as not to
love the beauty, it will cause one's own burden